Hi! I’m Ashley Respecki—trained architect turned creative strategist.

I’m currently an account director for the Brand & Creative team at The American Institute of Architects, a non-profit member association for architects. We’re an in-house, creative agency-type team that manages the AIA brand, large marketing campaigns, and creative services for AIA products and programs. I develop creative strategies and marketing plans, and manage design production and implementation. I frequently work with Pentagram, our brand and visual identity partner, on large scale creative and campaigns. I coordinate printing and fabrication and manage work with creative agency, freelance, and video production partners, including Polygraph Creative and RAVA Films.

So how’d I get here? I received a Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Ball State University, but quickly found myself veering down an alternative career path at AIA. In my early roles with the organization, I developed career resources, managed volunteer committees, and advocated for the advancement of emerging professionals in architecture. But I missed design and thought I could make a different type of impact in the organization and profession. I quickly found myself working on creative pursuits once again, this time in marketing—and here I am!

Quick facts about me:

  • Photographer and frequent traveler—follow me on Instagram!
  • Avid sunscreen applier
  • Minimalist (read: clean freak)
  • Midwestern transplant on the East Coast (provided it’s football season, you’ll find me firmly planted in front of the tv for football, but I can also talk politics until I’m blue in the face!)
  • Married to an architect—he’s talented—and we have a really cute dog.
  • TheRespeckis.com is the best place to check out our travel photography, and read more of my story telling

I hope you drop a note to say hello! And THANK YOU for stopping by my little corner of the web!