My name is Ashley Respecki. I’m a design strategist, [trained] architect, photography enthusiast, and wanna-be writer.

I’m currently an account director for the Brand & Creative team at The American Institute of Architects (AIA). I received a Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Ball State University. I quickly found my career veering towards an alternative path working for AIA, a non-profit member association for architects. I started my tenure at AIA advocating for, and promoting, the advancement of emerging professionals in architecture. But I missed design and thought I could make a different type of impact. I joined the marketing team in 2015 and have since worked on nearly 100 projects—from creative services, to marketing and brand management. I now focus on creative strategy, design production, and implementation on a small creative agency-type team where I manage design and marketing needs for 10 internal clients/initiatives.

What else? I’m also a travel fanatic, city dweller, sunscreen addict, pup parent, and clean freak. I’m an Indiana native who just so happens to adore the East Coast. So I can talk politics until I’m blue in the face, but most Saturdays and Sundays you’ll find me firmly planted in front of the television for some football. Provided it’s football season of course.

I’m married to an architect. He’s talented. And we have a really cute dogInstagram and our blog are the best places to check out our photography, and more of my story telling. Welcome to my little corner of the web.